How do I fold my towel?

The greatest thing about our generously sized towels is how compact and easy to carry they become when folded right. Watch our video for our preferred way of folding after a sun filled day at the beach

We have a video you can watch (here) which demonstrates one way you can roll up your Covella ultimate towel, or you can follow these steps after you watch the video;

1. Remove the pillow from the pocket.

2. Open the valve and press the button while pushing down on the pillow to flatten it, then roll the edge towards the valve ensuring there is no air left in the pillow.

3. Place the pillow back into the pillow pocket and make sure you pull the straps out, then fasten the button.

4. Fold the towel in half keeping the straps at the bottom and shake the remaining sand off.

5. Fold the towel into thirds from side to side.

6. Tightly roll the towel towards the straps at the bottom.

7. Secure rolled towel with elastic straps.

How should I wash my towel?

Treat your towel with the TLC it deserves. We recommend washing it separately in cold water. Rinse it immediately after use in pools. Don’t use harmful chemicals.

We strongly advise you to tuck all of the straps inside the pillow pocket and close the button and zipper on the accessories pocket before washing your towel. The machine wash recommendations can be found on the tag inside the accessories pocket. We do not take responsibility or offer compensation for any damages caused by misuse or failure to follow these recommendations.     

How should I open the tube that the towel comes in?

The lid is designed to sit quite firmly on the base of the tube to prevent the base from sliding out of the lid too easily. To open your tube, we recommend placing it upright on a bench or table. Hold the base with one hand and grab the top of the lid with your other hand then pull the lid up to slide it off.

How can I adjust the height and comfort of the Covella inflatable pillow while laying on it?

We recommend blowing the pillow up quite firmly first, then sliding it into the pillow pocket before you close the air valve on the pillow. Lay down on your inflated pillow. To adjust the height, simply reach back for the air valve while you’re lying on the pillow. Tap the nozzle in the air valve to deflate it to your desired comfort level. Close the valve once you reach your happy place.

How do I store my towel?

Show it off or hide it in the cupboard, it is totally up to you. However, we strongly advise you roll it up as demonstrated in our tutorial video, then hang it over the back of a chair in the dining room so all of your guests can appreciate your exceptional purchase. 

Is the accessories pocket waterproof?

The inner lining of the pocket is finished with a water resistant material and the zipper we used for our ultimate beach towel is a special waterproof zipper. This combination is resistant enough to keep your valuables protected when the towel is used to dry your body and should be considered water resistant only, not waterproof. The pocket will not withstand full submersion in the pool, ocean or any other liquid. We (Covella) are not liable for any damaged personal goods and valuables that are as a result of misuse.  

Getting a gift for someone?

Everyone needs someone like you in their life. Our unique and creatively designed towels make for excellent gift ideas. Just include the address of the lucky person who is getting the gift in the shipping information and we will send the product direct to them.  

How do I dry my towel?

Don’t stress, it does most of the work for you. Our unique material was purposely chosen because it has the special ability to absorb more water than traditional cotton towels and dries in half the time. The added benefit of our microfibre towels is they’re less inclined to mould and mildew growth.

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Where do you ship to?

World wide baby - we don’t discriminate. Please consider your country’s tax, import and duty fees before purchasing any products. If any extra costs are required in your country of origin, it is the customers responsibility to pay for those costs when applicable. When packages are not claimed and sent back to our facility, we will only be able to refund the product if the shipping packaging has not been opened and there is no damage to the product. We will also need to deduct the shipping fees from the refund amount. If there is damage to the goods or the shipping packaging has been opened we will not be able to refund your purchase.

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No, our Shopify online store only enables one discount per purchase. If an automated bundle or event discount is applied to your order then an additional discount code cannot be used.

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